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Silverlight is being utilized to create cross platform rich internet applications that can work on different browsers. Silverlight is Microsoft’s web application development framework that incorporates latest graphics, animation and multimedia features so that Silverlight developers can create amazingly Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). At Kenovate, we have a pool of experts who have a fertile experience in Silverlight applications and they can develop user interface, multimedia and animations that can be integrated with the database. Our workforce is very proficient with Microsoft .Net Technologies.

Why Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a coveted web based technology which is becoming popular with desktop and mobile as well. Applications created in Silverlight are compatible with distinct operating systems like windows, mac and linux. It is also attuned with web applications akin to IE, firefox or chrome browser.
Silverlight was a tardy participant in the field of affluent internet applications which was then domineering by Flash, Flex, Java FX and Ajax. However, Microsoft’s oligopoly in operating system and the ardent adulation of Internet Explorer has incubated a huge community of Microsoft developers who have augmented the espousal of Silverlight technology.

The benefits of Microsoft Silverlight Development are:

  • Flawless and high speed audio/ video streaming.
  • High resolution images because of excellent pixel shade effects.
  • 3D graphics and animations, with new animation easing features like bounce and elasticity for smoother displays.
  • Better management and animation of the Text within Silverlight application.
  • Allows better indexing by search engine because Silverlight applications are delivered to browser in XAML, which makes it convenient for engines to index application, instead of keywords, for better SEO results.
  • Silver application development is completely safe and secure. The application automatically updates itself.
  • The enhanced deep zoom option helps the Silverlight developers to visualize the data vividly for better understanding.
  • High degree of browser and platform compatibility.
  • Microsoft Silverlight application usage, steps up the speed of AJAX based websites that leverage Microsoft.Net framework.
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